Pallet Gardening & A Flower Garden

I've pondered if I should even post about these projects since they're sort of delayed gratification. But like most things, the more time put in to planning, the more effort put forward, the better the outcome. But here I am putting the cart before the horse.

So let me put this buggy in park while I explain myself. 

Last week (or three ago) while plotting our garden plans Mr. Arkansas remarked "Why can't we use pallets for raised beds?" After a quick google search we realized, we totally could. 

Using this awesome site we found the information we needed to get started and then pretty much just ran with it. The first thing we did was take a look at the pallets we were hoarding had on hand to determine if we could use any. Out of 9 only 4 were heat treated (verses chemical) and would work. 

So far 2 of the 4 have been filled and planted. The one pictured below had half the boards removed to allow a larger growing area, but still keeping some boards to help with weeds. 

All have sprouts. 

(Not so exciting right now but they  have big dreams)

In the first pallet we planted two rows of spinach, leaving the second two rows empty for a second planting. We're hoping for a longer growing season by planting a second round of our favorites. In the second pallet we planted in two varieties of lettuce, again leaving two empty rows for later plantings. I had planned on using the last two for strawberry beds but now that we're inching on May 1st, I'm not sure. 

You'd be surprised how much dirt can compact down into a pallet, filling them seemed to take long than leveling the ground to put them on. Which is why two sit waiting. 

Speaking of flowers… 

Let's talk about them. After waking up from a weird dream Monday night, I pretty much decided I needed rows of flowers. 

Yes I said rows. 

Why not? We'll have rows of corn. Rows of beans. You get the picture. Plus I love flowers and I'd never just cut them all out of my flowerbeds to bring them in the house. So production style rows sound really appealing. Yes give me rows of FLOWERS. Or at least let me plant them. 

As I mentioned our garden space is quite large (15x70 ft). So I have plenty of room to take up 6 or so rows (yes honey I've decided I need at least 6 in the rich soil area) in the back garden space, near the veggies, for rows of flowers. 

For me. To cut. 

Whenever I want. Once they're blooming of course. Which is pretty much a dream come true, so I have no idea why I needed to actually dream it before I realized I NEEDED to plant flowers. As many as I want.  

Just thinking about rows of zinnias and sunflowers makes me giddy. Then thinking about all my vases filled makes me click my heels together. I can't wait to share the progress and 'money shots' with you once we're in full bloom. For now we wait. And water. 

Here's a pretty photo of a row of Zinnias to hold us both over: 

I'll be the girl gathering 10,000 rocks from the freshly tilled beds. 


I have no idea what to call this.

I wrote the below when I was 39 weeks pregnant with Denver. Even thought it was only four months ago it feels like a life time has past. 

April 10 was vasectomy day. Prior to that day I had mixed emotions and decided to re-read my own letters to myself, this being one of them. 

I honestly didn't think I'd make it to 37 weeks much less 39 but here I am. 



Ready to have this little man. So ready. Every time I pick up Chloe I feel the pressure of my 20 lb belly combined with the 20 lbs toddler and feel I'm going to be crushed from the inside out. It's as if at any moment my my ribs will finally puncture my lungs and I'll die. 


Not really. It sucks.

I always feel like I have to pee. Even if I just did. Oh my goodness how have I not 
mentioned the insomina? Sure I'm in bed by 8 but there also hasn't been one night in the past two weeks that I haven't seen 11 pm, 1 am and now 3 am. 

My stomach hurts and I'm not sure if it's because I'm stretched tight as a drum or if there isn't any room inside my belly to process food. Either way it seems I'm back to feeling nausous daily, its like I have morning sickness at 39 weeks. Which I googled and apparetnly is a 'thing'. 

Needless to say I WANT to have this baby. Not like I'm excited about the labor, I'm just ready to either die or feel halfway normal again. Okay that was a little dramatic but I'm feeling rather dramatic these day's so I'm going with it. 

So here I sit, in the dark, feeling like puking too uncomfortable to lay on my side or back wishing I were in labor. Wishing I could push this baby into this world. 
I can't wait to hold him. To feel his little hands that automatically grab mine. To smell that new baby smell. To kiss the softest skin. To stare into his eyes for the first time and know that I did it, we did it, one more time. 

Skip forward four months and it looks like he will be our last. I'll never have to sit up at 2 am crying and writing letters to myself. At least about being pregnant. Its just such a hard desison. I mean I love our children and could easily see how someone would want a whole house full of them. 

I guess to get past all my rambling I should say we decided it was the BEST thing for both of our children to not have any more. Not only would it give us much more one on one time with each child but it would make it that much easier for us to do things with them. 

For them. 

Camping, Hiking, Fishing, You-Name-It. With two of us and two of them we can get on the move much, much sooner (read: get the wind in our hair). While I love the idea of a big family, I also believe your family are those you surround yourself with, those you love and those that love you.  

We create our own families. 

So it looks like our biological family will be a foursome + two pugs, one gas station kitty and two betta's. And let's be honest I'm barely able to handle this much love.