How To: Commenting (Guest Post)

Oh boy do I have a treat for you guys today, Megan over at Polish the Stars wrote up an awesome post last week on her blog about "commenting" on blogger. I thought it was helpful so I quickly emailed her an invited her over to Mrs. Adventure to share it with you so with out further ado here's the lady herself...

Hello! My name is Megan and I blog over at Polish The Stars. I love reading Mrs. Adventure so I was really excited when Rachael asked me to guest post here! Today I will be sharing with you the ins and outs of commenting on Blogger. I've noticed a lot of new people around blogland lately and hopefully some of you will find this helpful.

So here we go....

It would be nice if Blogger comments operated in thread form like on facebook where the person who commented above you gets a notification when you respond to them. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way which makes responding to reader's comments a little more complicated. Luckily I found that I can respond to comments directly from my email!

However, if the person doesn't have their email linked to their account properly I get this:

Getting a No-Reply email address makes responding to comments much more difficult. Do I go to their blog to respond? Will they think that it's tacky that I'm talking about my blog in their comments section? Do I respond in my comments section and just hope that they come back and see it?

Responding back and forth through comments is one of the best ways to build blogging relationships. So, on behalf of all of the bloggers out there, I am begging you to come out of hiding! It is really easy, I promise! I will even show you how to do it without risking your internet security.

Go to 'Edit Profile'.

Check the 'Show my email address' box. Then scroll down a bit and enter the email address that you would like it to go to.

It doesn't have to be the email address that you sign into Blogger with so if you are worried about your main email getting spammed, you can always create an email address just for commenting. When you create this separate email account you can also choose to hide your last name if that is a concern.

There you have it. That is all you have to do to stop leaving No-Reply Comments!

Now, if you are wondering how I get comments delivered to my email address in the first place, just follow these easy steps:
Go to your Dashboard. Click on 'Settings' then 'Comments'.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter your email address. Once again, you can use your separate commenting email address if you don't want to use your main address.
While you are on this page you may as well check 'No' for 'Show Word Verification for Comments'.
There are a lot of comments that get lost because people leave a page without even realizing that a word verification has popped up. I've had my blog for over a year without word verification and I have only gotten one spam comment. Besides, now that you are getting comment notifications you will know immediately when you get a spam comment and go delete it.
Alright. Now you are ready to go get to know your fellow bloggers a little better by chatting back and forth easier! Thanks, Rachael, for allowing me to post on your awesome blog!

Thank you Megan for sharing such a great tutorial with us. I'll be back this afternoon with some tales of my past :+)


  1. Thanks again for allowing me to guest post! I hope your readers find it helpful. Sorry, I didn't realize your margins weren't as wide as mine. I should have made my photos smaller. Oops!

  2. Its a little snug but it fit...that's what she said :+)

  3. It took me a couple months after I started blogging to figure the email thing out, especially to get notifications that someone commented on ME in the first place. I'm so glad I did because now Mrs. Adventure and I can email and chat frequently!! :D

  4. Thanks!! I think I have mine all set up now! :) didn't even know I had that annoying word verification thing on. Blech.


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