Fantastic Smothered Steak (in less than 35 min)

This recipe I'm going to let the photos do most of the talking. I would like to say though that this is the BEST smothered steak I have ever had - I can't believe that Mr. Arkansas and I came up with it. Not only is this dish amazingly tender, if you use a pressure cooker for it like we did it will only take you 35 minutes to complete - and that's including the prep time for the mixed veggie side that we made as well.

You will need:

2lbs Top Round Sirloin Steak
16 oz or so mushroom of your choice we used baby bella
Salt, Pepper and choice of steak seasoning.
2 tbs cornstarch

You can cook this either by using a crock pot (6-8 hours on low) or a pressure cooker - we used a pressure cooker for this demonstration.

First cut up for steak into 4-6 serving size pieces and brown all sides of your steak.

Once your meat is browned (about 3 min each side) place it in the bottom of your pressure cooker. Add 1 C water. Place lid on and cook for 18 minutes. 

At the 18 minute mark cool immediately. Mr. Arkansas always checks the temp to make sure its cooked properly .

The meat was perfect after a short 18 min.

Set the meat aside we place ours in the microwave to keep it warm (one day I hope to own a warming oven a girl can dream).

Next, mix 2 tbs of cornstarch with 1/4 C cold water. Slowly add this mixture to the drippings left in the pressure cooker - whisking until it comes to a boil.

Once its to a full boil add the mushrooms and simmer for about 1-2 minutes.

Once the gravy done, top your steak with a generous amount and enjoy!

I sprinkled the top of my steak with garlic nuggets, details on those coming in the next few days.

Disclaimer: The Texas Beef Council partnered with a few of Foodbuzz's tastemakers and we were one of the lucky ones choosen to participate. This means that we will be compensated  for four lean beef recipes... yum!


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  1. This look so yummy! We love steak.

  2. Betty Humphries9/21/2011

    I love the Nantucket Mocha mat!

  3. This looks fantastic! Will definitely try this recipe. I notice your steaks were seasoned as you browned them. Besides salt and Pepper, what other seasoning did you use? Thx

    1. You can use your favorite steak seasoning - we like to use a little Italian dressing with Rosemary.

  4. Anonymous1/25/2013

    I know you said to add 1/4 C cold water for the gravy, but the picture distinctly looks like milk. Could you please clarify?

    1. For once I was right the first time, it's water and cornstarch that you see being poured in (not milk).

  5. Howdy! Did you brown the meat in the pressure cooker? If not, could you?

  6. What about cooking potato's in with tour steak then mash them in a bowl that way they would get the flavors from the broth too but would they get done in same amount time? I just bought a pressure cooker so I don't know cook times yet.


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