I swear I'm not agorphobic…

I just haven't left the house because I have two children under the age of two.

Of course I have two car seats and could technically leave the house but honestly where would I go?

It's 11 degrees outside and there's snow on the ground.

Did I hear someone say the mall?

Gross as hell. That's where everyone is including the cold and flu virus. No thanks. I'm pretty much against any crowded indoor venue at the moment. Because deep down I might really be a hermit.

So here we sit. Or really here I sit, Chloe never stops moving. Denver will be two months old this next week and since his birth I've left the house a total of 4 times. FOUR. Once to my in-laws, Once to meet them to pick up Chloe and then Twice to the gas station (a mile away).

Needless to say life is very simple even at its most hectic. Most days I stay in my workout pants until about 3pm when I decide to put on a pair of jeans and brush my hair before husband gets home. I spend most the hours in the day playing on the floor, changing diapers and rotating feeding the littles. I read the same three dozen books over an over. We play patty cake. I sing the ant's go marching, twinkle twinkle and the itsy bitsy spider like they are going out of style.

While I'll agree that having two kids under the age of two can make life pretty busy. At least most of it's fun as long as you don't leave the house. Leaving the house causes stress, at least for me. Chloe is at the age where she wants to run and play so the car-seat might as well be the anti-Christ. She's also into using her voice very loudly so going to a restaurant is out for at least the next couple months.  Denver is pretty easy as long as I'm okay with nursing in the front seat while Chloe impatiently yells at me from the back.

Which I'm not.

So I've gotten VERY comfortable with having Mr. Arkansas pick up the groceries. I order pretty much anything else we need off (that he can't grab at Walmart or the Grocery) from Amazon. I honestly don't know what I'd do without it. I'd feel much more shut in that's for sure. Being able to place an order for incense and coconut oil, have it shipped for free and to me in two days…. priceless.

Anyway. I just figured I owed you all an update since I vanished for so long. I'm alive just a little hermitish at the moment. XO.


  1. Really would love to read your birth story.

  2. Look at them babies! Your kids are just so cute. I do think it's a skill getting two kids out to do anything. Practice Practice Practice. I have learned how to pack two kids in the car without anyone getting hurt, especially the 3 year old who has a mind of his own. I put him in the car first, as he is more likly to dart off then my 9th month old. But I do not touch grocery shopping with both with a nine foot pole, ever. I order my groceries and they deliver to my house. Why make stress if you don't need it? Keep up the good work mama. AND where is your birth story???


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